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Dear hosts,

For your safety and ours, given the Covid-19 pandemic, we make sure to respect a health protocol, before, during and after your stay with us.

The virus does not circulate on its own, it is all of us who carry it. Like us, you now know the barrier gestures to apply. The following are common sense measures to protect your health and ours:

  • Wash your hands very regularly.

  • Cough or sneeze into his elbow.

  • Use disposable tissues and throw them in the trash

  • Do not touch your face

  • Greet without shaking hands, avoid hugs

  • Respect a physical distance of at least two meters

In your room :

Before your arrival and after your departure:

Complete cleaning is carried out: Room ventilation - change of bed linen, towels (wash at 60 °) - disinfection with a specific product for sanitary facilities, sinks, showers, handles (doors, furniture, windows), switches, remote controls, surfaces (headboard, tablets, etc.) Vacuuming, washing the floor, using microfiber cloths, washed at 60 °.

We only intervene in your room at your request with all the required protections.

In the common areas, during your stay  :

Hydroalcoholic gel is available at the entrance of the house, soap in your room.

We respect barrier gestures and social distancing.

We do the daily cleaning: - disinfection of all contact points: handles, stair railings, switches, remote controls, surfaces .... vacuum cleaner  - floor washing. 

Be sure to bring your masks for your stay.

In this context the heat, the smile  remain essential and are natural to us. Despite all these sanitary constraints, we can assure you that the conviviality and the exchange are not altered.

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